The TRAIL DUSTER square dance club was formed in 1957 as a non-profit organization.  At it’s peak, the club consisted of over 500 members and was the largest square dance club in the country.  Although square dancing is a couples activity, the club now has many very active single members.   Trail Dusters serve the community and have supported the Ronald McDonald House, Vista del Mar, and local food pantries to name a few.  The club has performed in exhibitions and parades as well as demonstrations for churches, synagogues, and the Reseda Home for the Aging.

Throughout the years, our club has had countless dedicated leaders who have made the club the success that it is today.  People have re-connected with friends they have lost touch with over the years, from early years of grade school, through high school and college.  Lifetime friendships have formed while new friends are always being made.   

If you can walk, you can square dance.  It is an activity that uses all 3 dimensions of a healthy life style.
Physical, Mental AND Social – and enjoyable

Come out and try it - you have nothing to lose but the potential to make new friends and to have fun!