​At our monthly dances, we feature Milo Molitoris cueing Rounds 7:00 - 8:00 PM and 2 rounds between each Square Dance Tip.  Milo is one of the most respected cuers and choreographers in Southern California.  His smooth delivery and great music choices guarantee an evening of excellent dancing.



We are cancelling the Wednesday class dances for the balance of March and the first 3 weeks of April.    The next Wednesday class would be on April 22nd if, and only if, it is safe to resume our Wednesday classes.
The Board came to this conclusion due to the Coronavirus.  This virus is spreading worldwide, and is considered very contagious by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   There are currently people in Tarzana hospital with the virus.  According to the doctor some are very ill.   Right in our back yard.  The CDC is stating that senior citizens, 60 years of age or older, are at a much higher risk of serious illness if they contract the Coronavirus.  They are strongly suggesting that seniors avoid large crowds whenever possible. 
The CDC is speaking directly to us. As square dancers we hug, we kiss, and we hold hands with dozens of different people when we dance.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  We dance with seven people in our square and, when it’s over, we go to the refreshments table, pick up a cookie with our hands, and put it into our mouth.  Not good.
Some may say that we are over thinking things.  That we have to live our lives and not panic.  That you could become infected at the grocery store, or at a restaurant, or even by touching the handle of a gas pump.  They would be absolutely correct.  But we have very little control over those situations.  But we do have control over our participation in square dancing.  How would we feel if, because we continued to square dance, we became infected with the virus, and then passed it on to our children, or God forbid, transferred the virus to our grandchildren?  We would be devastated.
So, we are going to take a temporary break from square dancing. We will keep everyone up to date.  We will reevaluate the situation, and advise you by email well before April 22nd. 
Stay well, be careful, wash your hands and avoid very large crowds.
Best wishes,
Joni & Mark Simon, Presidents


Round DancING  with Milo Molitoris Cueing


Paul, a third generation Californian, first became interested in square dancing during his senior year in high school when he took a beginners class with the Conejo Swingers, a teen club in Thousand Oaks. Although the class started in February 1972, a scant ten month’s later he decided to try his hand (voice?) at calling, and started a calling class the following December.
Dancing has always been an important part of his life. Over the years this has included participation in international folk dancing, square dancing, round dancing, international competitive ballroom dancing, clogging, contra and country western. Fred Astaire would be impressed. 
Presently he teaches classes for the Tinseltown Squares of Los Angeles, as well as calling for dance engagements as far away as Cleveland, Ohio, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Dijon, France (Love their mustard).
Paul’s decision to join the Trail Dusters “family” is a wonderful reunion. Paul actually called for the Trail Dusters some 20 years ago. We welcome him back with open arms and are thrilled that he will be our caller and teacher.