Not shown: David Britton, Merry & Jay Mulein, Marsha Saylor

Congratulations to the 27 newest dancers - and Club members! 

Graduation & Year End Celebration

​June 12, 2024

​Classes start up again

September 11 2024

Every Wednesday  @7:00 pm

Bay Laurel Elementary School,

24740 Paseo Primario, Calabasas, CA 91302.  

Having Fun at our WednesdayClasses!! 


 Front Row: Charles Mod, Michael & Meryl Russo, Renee Kibbler.Diane Gordon 
 2nd row: Eddie & Debbie Borden, Dean Kibbler, Susann Britton, Jerianne & Joe Keaney, Sherry Raber 
3rd row: Amos & Fariba Tabibian, Jackie Ershoff, Lisa Lawrence, John Carpenter & Katherine Dorfman, Rene & Peter Maier, Michael Raber

July/August Dusty Trails coming soon!!


Snack-A-Thon - May 29th, 2024 

May Weekend - What A Blast!!

A big THANK YOU to each of the Wagonmasters who put it all together - Caren Blumfield, Sherwin Silver, Phyllis & Simcha Saul

​Summer Party - August 25, 2024!